IAM&AW Local Lodge 610

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Month: May 2014

United States And Japan Hit Bumps On The Road To TPP Agreement

One of the main concerns for the United States is Japan’s agricultural tariffs. Japan is fighting to maintain tariffs on five key farm product categories: rice, wheat, beef and pork, dairy products, and sugar. Japan currently imposes a 778 percent tariff on imported rice, a 252 percent tariff on imported wheat, and a 360 percent […]

IAM 610 Negotiates New Contract for FBM Workers

Negotiators for the IAM 610 FBM workers have successfully negotiated a new four-year contact that will extend to March 3, 2018. Highlights of the new contract include: * Lump Sums totaling 8 percent. * GWI of 2.5 percent. * $2,700.00 ratification bonus. * $800.00 annual COLA supplement * 8 percent pension increase for current employees […]

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