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The battle for greater transparency in the food system

To truly see the power of agribusiness, and its growing disconnect from regular people and farmers, look no further than the current dust-up over Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). Polls say more than 90 percent of consumers want simple labeling indicating what country the meat they are buying comes from. Farm groups like the National […]

Sign the White House petition to stop Chinese-processed chicken!

This petition seeks to revoke USDA permission granted to four Chinese poultry processing plants allowing those plants to import U.S.-raised and -slaughtered chicken, process it, and then export it back to America. As no on-site monitoring is mandated in China, this poses potential health and safety threats to the U.S. consumer. Chinese standards should not […]

IAM Retiree Inducted into Nebraska Labor Leaders Hall of Fame

The IAM congratulates Local 1569 retiree Harold Rohr on his induction into the Nebraska Labor Leaders Hall of Fame. Rohr, a more than 40-year member of the Machinists Union, was nominated by his state AFL-CIO chapter for his many achievements and contributions to the labor movement and working Nebraskans. Rohr first joined the IAM in […]

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